introducing film with meaning

I love film. It is a pure joy for me to watch beautiful cinema. Every year my love affair with film has grown stronger and deeper. It teaches me about the world. It teaches me about people. It teaches me about myself. I have long desired to write about film, but with the ever expanding number of film critics and bloggers out there, I saw no place for myself. That is until I found a film I desperately wanted to share, and the director of a film nonprofit I volunteer with asked me to write a review for their blog. As I sat down to write, I thought, why am I writing this review? What is the purpose? And I realized that the reason I wanted to share this film with others was because it was a film with meaning. It had a sensitivity and authority in its voice about an issue that mattered.

I have always believed film has the power to show us worlds we could never imagine. Of course this includes the make-believe of fantasy and science fiction, but it also includes other countries and cultures we have not been. Before film, the only way to understand these far reaches of the world was to go there and live amongst the people and culture. But through film, we can hear voices from around the world, expressing views and feelings on universal issues with a different perspective. To travel the world and experience all its beauty and sadness, its hope and suffering is divine; but for most of us it is just not possible. However, we are now living in an age of unprecedented access, and there are other ways to experience the beauty and sadness, the hope and suffering of the world. And I know of no other way more powerful than film.

It may be a bit lofty, but that is my goal, to share the world with you through film. The highs and the lows. The good and the bad. The far and the near. If it has meaning, I want to share it with you. I hope you enjoy my perspective on film, I hope to introduce you to films you don’t know, and I hope to spark discussion and debate on issues that matter. Welcome to films that matter!